CriticMarkup support in SmartDown

Often we need several revisions before getting the perfect text,
article, chapter, …
Markdown is a nice tool to focus on what you are writing but it lacks
a way to track changes.
In order to solve this issue, we decided to integrate to SmartDown the
now standard system for plain text revision.


CriticMarkup has been
created and improved by Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess with the
contribution of a lot of people. It is an open source project

CriticMarkup makers

There are only five marks that allow you to copy edit in Markdown. For a full documentation, please visit CriticMarkup Specifications page


{++ This is an added text–}


{–This is a deleted text–}


{~~ this has been substituted by > this! ~~}


{== This is a comment==}


{== This need an highlight ==}{>> I agree <<}

Export to HTML

CriticMarkup marks are exported following the specification. We are working on a way to easily accept or reject modifications when exporting.

How it looks like

Critic Markup in SmartDown