SmartDown 1.0 is available. Discover a nice place to write

We are proud to announce the availability of SmartDown 1.0.

You can support us by buying it at the reduced introductory of $19.99 / 14.99 € until end of December.

Where we are

It took us more than one year to build this new writing tool. We wanted to provide a zen (we mean simple) place to write under the Windows Platform.
Creating a (multi)markdown editor for Windows is a big task, especially because if you do not want to use standard controls, you have to build them from scratch.
As example, simple things like having a custom scrollbar with an info tooltip took us several day to develop.
Our goal was to provide one of the best writing experience tool for Windows, where you can unleash your creativity, from the smallest blog post to the biggest text document.
If you think we do not achieve this target, please send us your feedback, we want to make the best Markdown editor for Windows.

The future

Reaching version 1.0 does not means that development will stop. For us it means that we can start to use it as a daily production tool, which is we expect the case.
We are already working to add new features, based on your requests :

  • More export formats (latex, ODT, OPML, …) will come in a near future.
  • We will add also more settings directly accessible from the preferences window.
  • Goals management and meta-data (author, …) are also features requested by a lot of people and we agree that SmartDown should support them.
  • We have in addition some ideas to make SmartDown unique but let’s discuss them with more details soon.

Thanks for your support.