Write faster with SmartDown snippets

Markdown is an elegant way to be more productive while staying focused on your text.
One of the purposes of SmartDown is to go even further in term of efficiency by reducing repetitive tasks.
SmartDown now supports snippets, allowing you to substitute an abbreviation by a predefined text.
Snippets can contain pure text or Multi-MarkDown formatted text.

Defining snippets

  • Snippets are contained in the file snippets.properties
  • Each line contains one snippet
  • Snippet format is abbreviation=substitution text
  • If you want to have a substitution text containing multiple line, you will have to replace line returns by \n
  • The pipe | character is used to indicate where you want to have the caret after substitution.
  • If you want to use the pipe in your substitution text, you will have to escape it by doubling it.
  • Abbreviations shouldn’t contain space or tabulation and have a length smaller than 10 characters.

Using snippets

Snippets are loaded when SmartDown starts up. Hence, if you modify the contents of snippets.properties, you will need to restart SmartDown before being able to use it.

There are two ways to insert a snippet:

  • The first one is when you know the abbreviation by heart. In that case, just tape it and press the Ctrl + B combination keys to perform the substitution.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+R to get a pop-up containing a drop-down list of available snippets. You can then select the one you want.

The current version of SmartDown does not contains a big set of snippets. We will add new ones in the future.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to sent us your snippets if you think they are general enough to benefit to SmartDown users.
If this is the case we will add them.