The library of SmartDown

The library of SmartDown

One of the main missing feature in SmartDown 1, is the library. It was an efficient tool to work on a single document but much less to manage a project containing a set of different files.

A common place to centralized all your documents

SmartDown II is designed to manage all types of document: from a simple tweet to a complete book. It will also provide a way to work efficiently with the full lifecyle of your document.
You can add all the directories you need and organize your files as you want.

Two concepts : Locations and files

There are two important concept to fully understand the library:

  • The locations: This is a set of paths. Each location can contain sub locations (sub directories). You can hence create different folders for drafts, published articles, archives,…
  • The files: Each location (or sub location) can contain files. You can simply see these files by double-clicking on the location title.

A file based system

There are on the market several (good) products providing a library. Unfortunately, the majority of these systems are a black box. You need to add all your files in that library, limiting the possibilities to use third party applications.

Cloud support

Because we are using the regular file system, you just need to install the DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive application to immediately benefit of the cloud storage and synch. You can hence modify your documents from your smartphone or tablet.

A bunch of changes

A lot of changes happened to the site. Here are the main ones:

A new logo

Actually, Aflava had no logo before. So I made one. To be honest I made 5 different ones before having something reflecting the spirit of Aflava:

  • Simple
  • Showing that my products are about writing
  • Close to flat design (I authorized myself a simple gradient)

Here the result. I hope you will like it:
the new Aflava logo

A new theme

I started several weeks ago to move to a new theme. The site is now using the enlightment theme from OneDesign.

It is quite flexible so I hope to get a nice result and to be able to do more evolutions.

A brand new page for SmartDown II

I am working a lot on SmartDown II and it now deserves its own page. This is done! I decided to make it the front page because it is becoming the near future.
You can have a look to see some uncovered details and features of SmartDown II.

Private beta will start soon

I decided to open a private beta for SmartDown II. It will start soon, as soon as the product will be stable and usable enough. If you like markdown and want to help to create the best markdown editor for Windows, join the beta testers team!

The future of SmartDown

The future of SmartDown

The need to rethink SmartDown

SmartDown has been released since several months. The technologies used by SmartDown (C++ only) make evolutions difficult. The time to invest for developing a new feature is enormous compared. Based on that fact, I had different options:

  • To continue with the current architecture and only add minimal features.
  • Or to rewrite SmartDown from scratch.

I choose the second option because my goal is to have the BEST Markdown editor for Windows

Development of this new SmartDown started several months ago and I can say that it is progressing well.

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