SmartDown configuration options

SmartDown configuration options

One of the biggest weakness of SmartDown 1 was the lack of configuration UI for customizing the appearance.
With the version II, I decided to provide a first class customization capabilities and also a decent interface to manage them.


You can choose how you want to see your text and having either a fixed width or fixed margins.

markdown layout editor
Layout editor

Accent color

In order to easily give “peps” to the interface without having to change the while them, you can select one of the predefined accent color and give to the editor a unique touch.

built-in accent colors
built-in accent colors

If you want to go further, the whole interface of SmartDown can be customized. SmartDown will be delivered with a set a predefined themes and you will be able to create your own, graphically, without event modifying a single line of code. Themes can them be exported and shared. You can change fonts, colors, text attributes and also colors of other part of the editor (library,…)

markdown syntax highlighting configuration in
markdown syntax highlighting configuration

Post to your WordPress Blog directly from SmartDown

Post to your WordPress Blog directly from SmartDown

SmartDown has been designed for writers. For all writers, like you or even myself. A lot them are writing for the web. Today a big percentage of website are running under WordPress.
Hence I wanted to provide an easy way in SmartDown to publish on your blog.
If you are looking for a simple workflow to write in Markdown and directly post to your blog, do not search further!
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Markdown tables support in SmartDown II

Markdown tables support in SmartDown II

SmartDown II provides support for MarkDown Extra like tables. SmartDown I had also a such feature but I really wanted to improve to user experience when manipulating tables.

Create them using a snippet or the Smart Popup

To insert a new table, you have several options:

Use a snippet

Simply type “table” without quotes and press tab. SmartDown will then insert a new table.

Use the Smart Popup formating toolbar

You can alternatively add a table by using the dedicated icon in the Smart Popup toolbar.

Live reformating

Having perfectly aligned tables is not mandatory in Markdown. However, it is difficult to clearly see what you are doing if you do not have a minimum of formating.
After fighting for years to add “spaces” to keep thing clean, I decided to delegate this task to the editor.
When you modify a table, SmartDown II now reformat it on the fly.
markdown table on the fly automatic format

Easily add / remove columns and rows

When right-clicking in a table, you have dedicated options available allowing to :

  • Add columns or rows
  • Remove columns or rows
  • Change alignment of columns

markdown table format options

See it in video

Markdown footnotes support

Markdown footnotes support

One of the Markdown features I’m intensively using are footnotes1. However, I never found an editor managing them the way I want.

The keyboard way

SmartDown 1 was supporting snippets and version 2 have improved them a lot. It was then natural to use snippets to facilitate footnotes creation.

Here are the steps to add a new footnote:

  1. Type “fn;”¬†¬†without the double quotes and press the Tab key
  2. The first part of the footnote is inserted at cursor position and the name selected.
  3. Enter the name you want for your footnote
  4. Once done, press enter, the footnote is inserted at the end of your document.
  5. You can then enter the description of the footnote.
    Adding markdown footnotes using the keyboard

The Mouse way

Insertion of a footnote can also be done suing the smart contextual popup.
In order to show it, simply double-click in the editor.

inserting a footnote using the mouse
inserting a footnote using the mouse

You can then enter your footnote and validate.