SmartDown 0.9.1 is now available

SmartDown 0.9.1 is now available

I’ve just uploaded a new version of SmartDown. This is v 0.9.1.

The “Preview bug” introduced in previous version has been fixed.

I’ve focussed my work on theming and you have new themes with a better support. In order to have a full night mode, I’ve also added a new preview template matching the dark theme.

Here is a screenshot of the new monocromatic theme (idea from a SmartDown 1 user)A monochromatic distraction free markdown highligting theme

SmartDown 0.8.2 released

I’ve just published a new version of Smartdown: version 0.0.2.
I would like to say thanks to all of you who gave your feedback or reported issue.

This is an important update which contains more than 12 fixes and improvements and also fix an important issue preventing SmartDown to start properly on non English system.

You can read the full changelog here

If you already are memeber of the private beta, the download link is the same. For the others, here is a good reason to joins!

Using goals and statistics

Using goals and statistics

Sometimes we just want to write, without paying attention to any metric. However there are a lot of situation where you need to produce a text of a given size and where you want to monitor your progress.


SmartDown offers a words counter in the bottom part of the editor. If you click it, you will get a popup providing you more information:
– Words count
– Sentences count
– Reading time (based on 150 words read / minute)
– Pages (based on 300 words /page)

Markdown text statistics

Writing goal

If you need to produce a text of a given size, SmartDown can help you to follow the completion.
In order to activate the target mode, you just have to type in the FIRST line of your document:
goal: number_of_words words

The number of words, in the bottom part of the editor will then change to a progress bar.

By clicking the progress bar, you will get the details of the actual progress.

Goal and progress tracking

An accurate calculation

When calculating a goal or statistics, SmartDown only consider relevant parts of your documents. The following elements are filtered out:
– Meta data
– Comments