Markdown comments and TODO with SmartDown

Markdown comments and TODO with SmartDown

Writing is not a sequential process. Often you need to add later additional information and that for different reason:

  • The idea is there but you know that it required rephrasing.
  • You need to perform a research on the subject
  • You need complementary information which is not available right now
  • You want to stay focused on your text, and didn’t ant to interrupt your writing process.

Unfortunately, the standard Markdown specifications do not have anything regarding comments and TODO.

SmartDown provides two different features in order to solve that issue.
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SmartDown II is available

After one year of development, since I took the decision to rewrite it from scratch and after several months of beta testing, I am proud to announce that Smartdown II is now available.

Beta testing

I decided to show the beta (alpha?) as soon as possible to a private group of beta testers. Thank you, you’ve done an amazing job by reporting issues and providing new improvements ideas. You can continue to bring ideas in the forum.


Smartdown II is slightly more expensive than version 1. There are several reasons for a such pricing:

  • The scope of this version is much bigger: Library, export, ..
  • I do not want to make a major new version every 6 months and ask you to pay again the full version. Smartdown II will be a free upgrade for all owners of a version 1 license. If it is you case, send me an email with your version 1 license and I will send you your new key.
  • I need to have a sustainable pricing model allowing to think in the long term.
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This is only the beginning

The reason to rewrite it using new technologies was to have the required foundations to add new features to the product without to have to make major breaking changes.
Here are some of the elements I have on my immediate roadmap:

  • Improved MultiMarkdown support (files include, table of contents, …)
  • Support for Github like todo list
  • MathJax support
  • And a tons of small enhancements

Easily share your markdown documents using the Textpack format

Easily share your markdown documents using the Textpack format

If you ever tried to exchange with someone else a markdown document containing links a media stored locally in your computer (sometimes in multiples places), you know that this is not an easy task.

One of the solution for this problem is the textpack format. I decided to include it in SmartDown in order to make Markdown files exchange even more easier.

The story behind the format

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