Future of Smartdown

Smartdown has not been updated since several months. It does not means that the product is stopped. Actually, this is the opposite.

Trying to make markdown even more powerful

Since about one year, I’ve started to work to a new product : a markdown presentation editor for mac
While developing it I had to think about how to bring support for graphs, charts, layouts, icons to markdown. I let you make your own opinion but even if there are things to improve, I am pretty satisfied with the result. These options are useful for a presentation editor but they will also help a lot in a regular markdown editor. My plan is hence to move them to SmartDown.

The short term future of SmartDown

Integrating all these nice features will take time and at the sametime here are some topics that are in my todo list:

  • Better sidebar (create directories, …)
  • better syntax highlighting
  • Bug fixes.
  • Aaron Coltrane

    What about submitting to the Windows store?