Markdown comments and TODO with SmartDown

Writing is not a sequential process. Often you need to add later additional information and that for different reason:

  • The idea is there but you know that it required rephrasing.
  • You need to perform a research on the subject
  • You need complementary information which is not available right now
  • You want to stay focused on your text, and didn’t ant to interrupt your writing process.

Unfortunately, the standard Markdown specifications do not have anything regarding comments and TODO.

SmartDown provides two different features in order to solve that issue.


%% Here is an example of comment

In order to create a comment, just start a new line by %%.
Comments are filtered out when previewing and exporting your document.


todo: publish a new article

To create a todo, just type todo: and it will be automatically recognized as a todo.

markdown comment
comments and todo
All these features are available in the current version of SmartDown

  • Royi

    Do you support Math using MathJax?

    Thank You.

    • admin

      Hi, not yet but is planned in the near future (just after localization support)