Markdown footnotes support

One of the Markdown features I’m intensively using are footnotes1. However, I never found an editor managing them the way I want.

The keyboard way

SmartDown 1 was supporting snippets and version 2 have improved them a lot. It was then natural to use snippets to facilitate footnotes creation.

Here are the steps to add a new footnote:

  1. Type “fn;”¬†¬†without the double quotes and press the Tab key
  2. The first part of the footnote is inserted at cursor position and the name selected.
  3. Enter the name you want for your footnote
  4. Once done, press enter, the footnote is inserted at the end of your document.
  5. You can then enter the description of the footnote.
    Adding markdown footnotes using the keyboard

The Mouse way

Insertion of a footnote can also be done suing the smart contextual popup.
In order to show it, simply double-click in the editor.

inserting a footnote using the mouse
inserting a footnote using the mouse

You can then enter your footnote and validate.