Markdown tables support in SmartDown II

SmartDown II provides support for MarkDown Extra like tables. SmartDown I had also a such feature but I really wanted to improve to user experience when manipulating tables.

Create them using a snippet or the Smart Popup

To insert a new table, you have several options:

Use a snippet

Simply type “table” without quotes and press tab. SmartDown will then insert a new table.

Use the Smart Popup formating toolbar

You can alternatively add a table by using the dedicated icon in the Smart Popup toolbar.

Live reformating

Having perfectly aligned tables is not mandatory in Markdown. However, it is difficult to clearly see what you are doing if you do not have a minimum of formating.
After fighting for years to add “spaces” to keep thing clean, I decided to delegate this task to the editor.
When you modify a table, SmartDown II now reformat it on the fly.
markdown table on the fly automatic format

Easily add / remove columns and rows

When right-clicking in a table, you have dedicated options available allowing to :

  • Add columns or rows
  • Remove columns or rows
  • Change alignment of columns

markdown table format options

See it in video