Smartdown 1.1 is coming – introducing preview version

After the last release I’ve got a lot of feedback and improvements ideas. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that you take the time to write me in order to make Smartdown and even better place to write.

After several minor releases for fixing important issues (especially a one affecting the stability of the application when saving files), it is time for adding new features.

What’s new in version 1.1

PDF export

One of the most wanted functionality is to be able to directly convert Markdown to PDF from SmartDown. I did a first test using Pandoc. Unfortunately it also means to install a LaTeX distribution. Even it is this now a quite simple operation, I wanted something even simpler, working out of the box.
Version 1.1 is hence now including a PDF Export feature which does not require additional third party installation of software.
It is a complete solution allowing you to use your own template and CSS style sheet. I will cover in a coming post how to customize it for your needs.

Ability to open standalone files

My first idea was to only use the library to load files. Even if this is a good choice in the majority of situations, there are cases where you want to quickly open a file without adding its location to the library.

Version A.1 brings a classical “File Open” menu item, which can be found in the File Menu.

More keyboard shortcuts

I will detail all of them in a next post but I’ve added 10 new keyboard shortcuts to Smartdown. Most of them are standard. You can sale your mouse ;o)

Other enhancements

  • When you press Tab in an empty list item, Smartdown automatically indent the list item. The behavior is the same for unindenting Shift + Tab
  • When you press Enter in a list, an empty list item is added.

Bug fixes

  • Library icons styling when editor background color is different than library background color.
  • Image paths can now have spaces.

The beta version (1.1 beta 1 aka 1.0.9) can be downloaded here:

Download preview version
  • James LaRue

    Your numbering confuses me. Is this the first revision of Smartdown II? Or is this an upgrade to Smartdown 1?