Smartdown 1.2.0 beta 1, fluent design and much more

I am working since several weeks to make Smartdown even better. It means to fix bugs but not only.

Fluent design

The future of Windows application interfaces is Fluent Design, more information is also available here

It appears to be an elegant design and I am trying to move the UI of Smartdown into that direction. It will not be a big move but more a smooth transition, by small steps.

The current beta brings new folding indicators, scrolling shadows and less visible Markdown markers.

A new sidebar

The sidebar has been redesigned. Right now it is a purely visual change, there is no additional features. However it makes the room for a future fuzzy search sidebar for instance….

Safer than ever

Because your work is the most important, I’ve designed a new crash reporting system. It will not only allow a better reporting of the potential issues. If a such trouble appears, the current file is automatically backuped.

And also various bug fixes

  • Issue when displaying image having spaces in their relative path.
  • Incorrect position of the format popup depending of margin.
  • Incorrect redraw of the editor on resize when using highlighting mode.

This new beta can be downloaded here: smartdown w 1.2.0 beta 1 (45 downloads)