SmartDown 2 Changelog

Version 0.9.2

Published on 2016/03/06

  • IMPROVED: Brand new highlighting engine.
  • FIXED: ISSUE with multiple critic markup in the same line of text more info
  • ADDED: Preparing version 1.0
  • FIXED: Multiple strong emphasis in the same line of text.
  • FIXED: Library scrolling issue/ Thanks to
  • IMPROVED: Outline parsing with a malformed document (missing header levels)

Version 0.9.1

Published on 2016/02/21

  • FIXED: Preview bug introduced in v0.9 when there was no image in the document.
  • IMPROVED: (but not yet finished) engine of highlight mode
  • ADDED: new preview template to match the new dark mode
  • IMPROVED: Themes and theme support

Version 0.9

Published on 2016/02/14

  • FIXED: Issue of editor background when modifying theme
  • FIXED: Default CSS for table (now shows borders)
  • FIXED: Table live formating was adding an extra column
  • IMPROVED: Folding markers theming
  • ADDED: Dark theme (Night mode)
  • IMPROVED: Better URL theming
  • FIXED: The current theme is now selected when opening preferences
  • FIXED: Relative image paths are now working in preview
  • ADDED: Application quit when main windows is now closed.
  • IMPROVED: Closing the preview window now set preview mode to None

Version 0.8.2

Published on 2016/02/07

  • FIXED: highlight behavior for substitutions More infos
  • ADDED: Ability to open file by specifying a command line argument
  • ADDED: Ability to open file by double-clicking it
  • ADDED: Option to use folding or not.
  • ADDED: Option to choose if you wan to have vertical folding lines.
  • FIXED: Startup crash on non English systems More infos
  • ADDED: Option to deactivate word wrap
  • FIXED: Empty printing issue
  • ADDED: Save As option
  • ADDED: Ability to save in text format
  • ADDED: CTRL+N shortcut for creating new files
  • FIXED: Allow to deactivate spell checking
  • ADDED: File association in installer

Version 0.8.1

Published on 2016/02/04

  • FIXED: installer bug : incorrect access rights on the custom user dictionary.
  • FIXED: Bug crashing SmartDown at startup depending of the Internet Explorer version
  • FIXED: File save may crash if the location where new file is saved is loaded in the library.

Version 0.8.0

Published on 2016/02/03

  • First private beta version