Smartdown Quick Start Guide

Here is a quick guide to start with SmartDown. It assumes you already know what Markdown is. If this is not the case, it is better to start by reading a tutorial on the subject like this one or that one.
This guide will not cover advanced features of SmartDown.


Even if this is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to install Pandoc which brings additional export capabilities.

General interface

smartdown interface

Using locations and files

Start by adding one or more locations where you are stored the files you want to edit.
Click on the “+” button on the library (left sidebar) and select the directory you wan to add. You can also drag and drop a folder directly from the Windows files explorer.

The sidebar allow you to quickly swap between directories tree, files list and document outline. Double click on the item or use the previous button to navigate between views.

Files are automatically saved when you select another one. You can also explicitly save a file using the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut.

Configuring the text view

An important part of the text view configuration can be done using the icon on its bottom right corner.
The first thing you may want to do is to select the spell checking language adapted to your document.
You can also select the highlighting mode, template, preview position, … The best best to discover them is to try them.
edition options

Using the format popup

If you are a Markdown expert you probably not use it a lot. However it is still useful to understand how it works.
The popup is shown in 2 cases:

  • If you select a portion of text and if your mouse cursor is close to this selection.
  • If you double click on an empty area.

enhanced markdown support

You then get different options to add or modify your Markdown document.


You can have 3 different preview settings. You can switch between them using the editing options menu.
– No preview
– Side by side preview
– Independent preview window, especially useful if you have a multi-monitor setup.

side by side markdown preview
side by side markdown preview

The file Menu

The Smartdown file menu looks like the one you can find in Office applications. It provides you a easy way to interact with your files and to modify application preferences.

It is accessible through the “hamburger” menu icon.

Export & Publish

Using the file menu, you can export in different formats:
– MS Word (.docx) because you probably have colleagues or contacts who are not yet using Markdown.
– EPub: Create your own ebook in just a set of clicks.
– HTML (but this one is obvious)

You can also directly publish to a WordPress blog: More infos .


This version of SmartDown has been designed to provide a distraction free writing experience while being easily configurable. You can hence graphically modify:

  • Layout of document
  • Theme & colors
  • Other options
    markdown syntax highlighting configuration in
    markdown syntax highlighting configuration